Record parking fines for drivers in Kraków

Motorists will add some 10 million złoty to the council coffers this year, as fines for illegal parking are set to reach record levels.

During the first four months of 2012, almost 70,000 parking tickets were issued citywide. This compares to 115,772 for the whole of 2011. If the trend continues, the city expects to issue around 200,000 tickets – which at 50zł each represents a cash bonanza.

Piotr Hamarnik, of the Office of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport (ZIKiT) told Polish media that drivers already owed the city some 17 million złoty in unpaid fines – with one motorist’s bill standing at 20,000 złoty. And he warned that anyone who receives a ticket will pay, one way or another – either willingly or by deductions from salaries, or additions to income tax bills.

The rise in the number of parking tickets issued has been linked to the increase in paid parking zones in Kraków, particularly in Podgórze. Yet, the 50zł penalty appears too low to bother many.

ZIKiT’s Joanna Niedziałkowska said this may soon change, adding: “We will consult councillors for a solution to the problem because in fact the number of people who avoid paying fees is growing.”


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