Pierogi for pennies in Kraków…

If you’re new in town, it’s relatively easy to find somewhere that offers a cheap and satisfying lunch – after all, your euro, pounds or dollars go a long way here in Kraków. But after a few months, you might start feeling the pinch.

So what if you’re still intent on eating out, but don’t want to shell out a fortune? Where are the places you go to refuel without emptying your wallet?

Now’s your chance to share your favourite lunchtime haunts with KrakówPolska readers – and there’s only one rule: the bill must come in at ten złoty or under (excluding drinks and tips). So what do you think? Leave YOUR recommendations below.


2 thoughts on “Pierogi for pennies in Kraków…

  1. Pretty much any Bar Mleczny around, except maybe the one that’s actually called “Milk Bar.” Take “Flisak” as an example. It’s located near Most Dębnicki (Dębnicki bridge), or opposite the “Jubilat” department store. Choose the thick and delicious grochowa z kiełbasą (pea soup with kiełbasa) for PLN 4.50, pierogi ruskie (potato and white cheese filling) or, if you have a sweet tooth, pierogi z serem i śmietaną (sweet cheese and cream filling) for around PLN 4. With their fruit kompot of satisfying quality you should close in at around 10 złoty. I choose the place for my right-after-work dinches (or linners) quite frequently because it’s cheap, quick and easy, although, admittedly, the brittle, disposable plastic cutlery and sometimes less than pleasant clientele may not be to everyone’s liking.

  2. “Żaczek”, Czarnowiejska street. Soup + second plate (traditional food) not more than 8-10zl. The food is very tasty and fresh. I eat there every day 🙂

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