100 million złoty investment plan for Bronowice

A plot of land in a prime spot in Kraków is being marketed to investors looking to develop a business service centre.

Real estate experts say the six-hectare plot in Bronowice Małe is ideal for businesses seeking a location with good transport links to all other parts of Kraków. The land is bordered by ulica Eliasza Radzikowskiego, ulica Groszkowa, the railway line, and the allotments on ulica Armii Krajowej.

Speaking to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Piotr Krochmal, of the Real Estate Market Monitor, said that the city’s asking price was not unrealistic – but that offers may not immediately be forthcoming and it may be easier to sell if the land were to be split into smaller parcels.

Wyborcza noted that the site had become more attractive since completion of work on the new roundabout, Rondo Ofiar Katynia, where ulica Eliasza Radzikowskiego and ulica Armii Krajowej meet. The newspaper added that such overgrown areas were attractive to foreign investors keen to turn them into service centres.

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