Lawsuit against Amber Gold boss launched in Kraków

The first private lawsuit against the man accused of defrauding 50,000 investors of around 80 million złoty has begun in Kraków.

Marcin P, head of the collapsed ‘para-bank’ Amber Gold, was arrested last month in connection with six charges relating to irregularities in financial reporting, falsifying documents, and breaching banking law. Amber Gold was the major backer of OLT Express, an airline which went bankrupt in the summer. The company pledged to put investors’ money into gold, but many of those who took up the offer lost their life savings.

Now one Cracovian (name withheld) has begun legal action against Marcin P and his wife, in a bid to recoup losses of around 100,000 złoty. If successful, the lawsuit could strip Marcin P of his house and other assets.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the claimant – who will also represent 20 others in similar claims – said success was not a foregone conclusion. However, local media reported that law firms believed there was a ‘fair chance’ of seizing Marcin P’s personal assets to pay back Amber Gold’s investors.

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