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Polska Dotty

I call this post “Krakow Contradictions”, but actually most of what I have to say about our latest trip to Krakow, from which we have just returned, is positive – more positive than ever.  It seems most of the architecture in the city has been spruced up, maybe for the Euro football championship in June/July.  In the main square or “Rynek”, the red stonework of Mariacki church and yellow stucco of Sukiennice cloth hall shine particularly brightly.  A new bar opened earlier this year on the roof of the Sukiennice from which you get a stunning view of Mariacki opposite.  A year ago I peeked through a crack in the door of the ancient Adelbert church, also on Rynek, and saw it was being repainted. This year we took in a concert there by a quartet.  Inside the altar was stunning in gold and black, and the rest of the church…

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