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Paysage Intime: The works of Rita Walter-Łomnicka

Rita Walter-Łomnicka, designer of the former logo of the Tatra National Park, was a true Polish artist in every sense, born to a patriotic family who settled in  Kraków from Morawy in the 18th century. Her father defended the nation in both world wars, dying in Auschwitz in 1941, and her brother was killed by the Gestapo three years later.

Rita, who was born in the midst of the chaos of early 20th-century Poland, studied at the Graphic Arts Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, under the direction of Włodzimierz Sawulak, Mieczysław Wejman, Eugeniusz Wanieka, Adam Siemianowicz, and Stanisław Krzyształowski. After graduating, she participated in many exhibitions around Poland. She died in May this year.

The exhibition will be at Pałac Sztuki, Plac Szczepański 4, until October 7.


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