Polish national heroes to be buried at new Kraków pantheon

This week will see a new ‘pantheon of heroes’ opened in Kraków – to be a final resting place for Poland’s future artists and scientists.

The crypt beneath Kościół ŚŚ Piotra i Pawła (the church of Saints Peter and Paul, ulica Grodzka 54) will be one of two new pantheons, with the other to be in Warsaw. It is the second such memorial in Kraków, after the crypt at Skałka church.

Father Franciszek Ziejka, chairman of the National Pantheon Foundation, said burials at the pantheons would be decided by the Minister of Culture.

He added: “It was decided that the basement of the church Of Saints Peter and Paul in Kraków is a place for distinguished artists, scientists, men of culture and art. Prominent politicians, and people who have distinguished themselves in the activities of the common good, will be buried in the basement of the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw.”

The pantheon in Kraków will open on September 27.

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