Chopin expert awarded honorary citizenship of Kraków

Professor Mieczysław Tomaszewski, one of Kraków’s most eminent music experts and internationally recognised Chopin expert, has been given the freedom of the city.

Prof Tomaszewski, born in Poznań, has long-standing ties with Kraków, having attended the Jagiellonian University and rising to the post of editor in chief at Polish music publisher PWM. He has also been professor at the Academy of Music, founded post-graduate studies in music editing in the city, and is now a member of the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute. His work includes the critically acclaimed Chopin: Man, Work, Resonance (Poznań 1998), and he is the author of other books about the composer.

The honour of citizen of Kraków was bestowed for his promotion of the humanist approach to music, and of national culture. The ceremony began with a bugle call from the Mariacki church tower, and the award was accepted on behalf of Prof Tomaszewski by his wife, Wanda.



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