The mountain wind that drives you mad…

Winds up to 100km an hour, sweeping from the Tatra mountains, have hit parts of Małopolska – causing power cuts and bringing down trees.

The Foehn wind came storming down on Wednesday this week, and was expected to continue until late on Thursday. But, aside from the damage it can cause to infrastructure, the Foehn – known locally as Halny – also has other legendary properties… and none of them are good.

When the Halny hits, usually in autumn or spring, reports of accidents, violence and even suicide rise markedly. The warm, dry wind has been blamed for migraine, depression, heart and breathing problems, psychological breakdown and more. Yet, to date, scientists have been unable to prove exactly why this happens.

So, if you’ve been having a particularly bad day today, now you know why; just blame the weather.


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