EXCLUSIVE: Fast train to Zakopane

Cash from the European Union will be directed to improving rail connections in Poland – such as the Kraków to Zakopane line – rather than upgrading roads.

The quickest route between Poland’s cultural and winter capitals is currently by road, but anyone who has driven Zakopianka or taken a bus knows that this can be a torturous journey lasting at least two hours. Now Polish Railways (Polskie Linie Kolejowe) and the Ministry of Transport (Ministerstwo Transportu) are in talks to improve the railway connection at a cost of up to 6 billion zł.

The money would come from EU subsidies amounting to some 32 billion zł, earmarked for improvements to railways across Poland from 2014-2020. The Polish language newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports that, according to the Ministry of Transport, the plan would significantly reduce chances of improvements to the Zakopianka road connection between Kraków and Zakopane.


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