Extreme makeover – Jewish style

Reposted from Jews of Kraków:

One week of work, joined forces of JCC of Krakow team, Jewish community and volunteers bore fruit when the brand new Sukkah arose at the Tempel Synagogue yard, in front of the JCC building.

Although the crew had to deal with capricious weather, JCC supported the workers with hot beverages, great music and a big dose of smile.

With rudajosele, we attended one of the meetings with the intention of hard work in the sweat of our brow but when we saw a bunch of guys, bravely dealing with all the nails and planks and props, we’ve decided to back down with the thought that we would do more harm than good. We’ve limited ourselves to making photos and drinking sweet, hot coffee.

See more of this excellent blog, based on Jewish life in Kraków and the city’s JCC, at http://jewsofkrakow.wordpress.com/

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