No cash to repair Kraków’s roads

Kraków will get no money from central government to help repair its crumbling roads – because city officials decided that it was a waste of time applying for grants.

Local authorities are invited to bid for government cash each year, which covers up to 30 per cent of the cost of local road repairs. Kraków had made no bid when the application deadline arrived, on September 30. Piotr Hamarnik, of the city’s Board of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport (ZIKiT), said selection criteria were very strict, and that Kraków’s road were of too little importance to stand a chance of gaining government funding.

Mr Hamarnik told the Polish language newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza that the city could afford to put up the remaining 70 per cent of the repair bill, but had chosen not to go ahead with a pointless application.

He added: “There was no way to meet the guidelines…our roads are of too little importance to have a chance at the money.”


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