Kraków museum acquires new paintings for almost 500,000zł

Paintings and sculpture by Polish and other European masters will be on display at the National Museum in Kraków, thanks to a government grant of 426,500zł.

The grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage allowed the museum to purchase a dozen Polish pieces, including Jerzy Bereś‘ ‘Taczki Globalne’, Marek Chlanda‘s ‘Apocalipsis Cum Figuris’, Zbigniew Warpechowski’s ‘Dirty Water’, and four pieces from sculptor Leszek Dutka’s cycle ‘Głowy’. The wider European acquisitions included works from the studio of Dirk van Baburen, Girolamo Troppa, and more.

Speaking at a press conference at the Sukiennice in Kraków, Culture Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski said that although the museum had been able to purchase the works from private collectors, the pieces were in fact ‘priceless’.

Mr Zdrojewski added: “One of the reasons that private owners are increasingly eager to place their collections in national institutions, is the professional care of the collections that we provide at these institutions. Images brought to museums undergo reconstructive surgery and restoration. In this way, further degradation is prevented.”


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