Forever Young

It was a time when Poland technically did not exist. At least, it didn’t exist on any maps. But the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was an era of intense, prolific and exemplary creativity amongst Polish artists of all hues, who formed the loose Młoda Polska Art Nouveau collective and proved not just that this was a nation alive in the hearts of its people, but also that it was a hotbed of talent.

This exhibition, running for the next year at the Kamienica Szołayskich branch of the National Museum, captures the spirit of the age, bringing together a collection of works from the greatest artists working in Kraków at the time – including Wyspiański, Mehoffer and others. Highlights include posters for exhibitions, satirical cartoons, sketches, paintings and objets d’art, plus a series of invitations to events at the famous Zielony Balonik (Green Balloon) cabaret at the Jama Michalika cafe. Until September 2013.


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