Unsound festival – the countdown begins

Unsound, which began as a tiny, underground event in Kraków in 2003, has grown to become one of the biggest independent festivals in Europe – drawing attention from all over the world and spawning a clone of itself in New York.

Arts writers globally can’t praise Unsound highly enough. According to the UK’s Guardian newspaper, it’s ‘a brilliant festival that raises interesting questions’. For URB, it’s ‘absolutely astonishing’. For press closer to home, it’s no less of a sensation – with Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza dubbing it a ‘multi-dimensional festival… not afraid of taking risks.’

And if you think it’s all so much hype, then a trip to one of the truly unique events on this year’s programme will blow such misconceptions clean away. It opens at midnight, October 13-14 with a movie marathon – All Night Apocalypse – at Kino pod Baranami. The free closing party, featuring Bill Kouligas, Bass Cleff, Dave Tomkins and more, starts at 9.30pm on October 21, at Pauza. For the bits in between… well, you’ll just have to check out the programme.


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