The man who volunteered for Auschwitz

Reposted from The Atlantic

Such were the horrors that took place in Auschwitz, that few who had not witnessed them could truly believe what was happening. In order to bring the attrocities to the attention of the world, the Polish underground organised one of the most daring and dangerous espionage missions ever undertaken.

Polish-Soviet war veteran Witold  Pilecki answered the call for a volunteer to go into Auschwitz as a prisoner, and send back first hand reports of what was happening. His story is told by David de Sola, in The Atlantic.

Here’s an extract from his article:

“The Polish resistance had been hearing horrific first- or second-hand accounts about the conditions inside Auschwitz. These early accounts came primarily from released prisoners, but also from casual observers like railway employees and residents of the nearby village of Oswiecim. The resistance decided they needed someone on the inside.

It is into this environment that Witold Pilecki, a 39-year old veteran of the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921 who fought against the initial Nazi invasion and a member of the Polish resistance, volunteered himself in 1940. Pilecki’s mission was to allow himself to be arrested and, once inside Auschwitz, to collect intelligence for the Polish resistance in the country and the government-in-exile in London, and to organize a resistance from inside the camp.”


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