Chaos on the buses

Polish media reported ‘Dantaesque’ scenes as tempers frayed amongst passengers forced onto overcrowded buses as trams to one of Kraków’s busiest districts were axed.

On Monday this week (October 15), trams into the Ruczaj estate were suspended, to allow work on the line to be carried out. It meant that hundreds of Ruczaj residents – as well as office workers and students – had to use buses already packed to the brim. The newspaper Gazeta Krakowska reported aggressive outbursts among passengers, with some unable to board buses into or out of Ruczaj at all.

And there is no prospect that the chaos will ease any time soon, as work will continue until at least mid-November. In the meantime, buses 114, 178, 194, 213, 223, 253, 263, 714 will operate on the Ruczaj routes. For more on timetables and travel information, visit the public transport website MPK.


3 thoughts on “Chaos on the buses

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