Kombinować – recycling, Polish style

Reposted from Polandian

“It seems like the concept of recycling is one that is yet to really take off in Poland. I’m not saying it’s not there – in fact I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see bottle banks, clothes bins and paper storage options in many housing estates and other osiedla – but rather that recycling seems to take place on the hush-hush. Just at the end of the road of the apartment block where I’m living, there are a set of recycling banks which I can’t remember ever seeing people using, but when I am dropping in bottles or other items, they seem to be regularly full of items to be taken away.”

Read the full article at http://polandian.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/scavenging-or-extreme-recycling/


One thought on “Kombinować – recycling, Polish style

  1. I live in a small village just outside Krakow and our rubbish collector leave a plastic recycling bag every time the collect our rubbish and everybody in our small estate fill up there bags

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