Free the Warsaw 1!

A tongue-in-cheek Facebook campaign has been launched, after a man was arrested for running onto the waterlogged pitch at the National Stadium in Warsaw while world football authorities were deciding whether to cancel Poland’s match with England.

Adam D, aged 41, was charged and given a two-year stadium ban – sparking the Facebook protest entitled Uwolnić Bohaterów Basenu Narodowego (Free the Heroes of the National Swimming Pool), which has so far garnered some 100,000 fans.

Heavy rain in Warsaw on Tuesday meant the FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifier between Poland and England had to be postponed. The 58,000-seater all-weather stadium, which cost almost 2 billion zł is fitted with a retractable roof to protect the pitch and players from the elements. However, stadium managers failed to close the roof before the match – and it could not be closed in such a torrential downpour.

The match was eventually rescheduled for Wednesday, and ended in a 1-1 draw.

Read comment on the postponement and the Polish weather, at Polska Dotty author Jonathan Lipman’s blog.


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