Mass prayers for the lost

Up to 20,000 people are expected to attend an American-style evangelical prayer meeting this week, at one of Kraków’s main sports venues.

The meeting will be at Cracovia stadium, on Friday, and has been organised by the movement Bliżej, Mocniej, Więcej (Closer, Stronger, More – BMW). The following day there will be a similar meeting at the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, in Łagiewniki.

Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, organiser of the event, said Christians had a responsibility to share their faith daily. He denied that the weekend’s events were a reaction to a crisis in the church, or to rising anti-clerical feeling amongst a younger generation of Poles.

Bishop Ryś added: “Friday will be a day of prayer for Kraków. This meeting may be for each of us a new beginning of a story which, perhaps, we felt was closed forever.”

For more about the meetings, see the BMW website.


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