Rare Mickiewicz letter to stay in Poland

The National Library in Warsaw ensured that a letter by the Polish bard Adam Mickiewicz will stay in the country – by buying it at auction for almost 100,000zł.

The library exercised its right of first refusal to snap up the letter at today’s auction by Rara Avis, for 98,000zł. Mickiewicz letters emerge only rarely, and this specimen was of particular interest as it was a manuscript that was previously unknown.

Mickiewicz wrote the letter to Jean Antoine Letronne, president of the College de France, on April 26, 1841. Mickiewicz gave lectures at the college between 1840 and 1844. In the letter, written in French, Mickiewicz apologies for being unable to deliver a lecture the following day, saying that he was suffering from flu.

The price of the letter is similar to that of another, written by Mickiewicz in French to his friend Jules Michelet. The letter fetched 100,000zł in 2009.

What connects Mickiewicz and the Polish dish bigos? KrakówPolska has the answer


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