Memoirs of a Holocaust survivor

In 1941, Truda Rosenberg was on a train to what was intended to be her death. Urged on by her aunt, and helped by two other passengers, she jumped from the carriage en route to the Bełżec death camp… and many years later penned the story of her life.

On October 25, the Galicja Museum in Kraków will welcome Dr Rosenberg, a psychologist now living in Canada, along with author Hania Fedorowicz, for a free reading a discussion session about the tale – based on the memoir.

It was a long, long journey for Truda, from her home in upmarket Lwów, to Warsaw, Germany, London and Canada. Reading the book, called Unmasked, one cannot help that her experience of the Holocaust was the defining moment that shaped her life. The title of the book comes from a conversation with a colleague at a hospital in the UK, in the 1950s. Until then, Truda had been trying to conceal her identity, for fear of her life. But when the colleague said: “What a pity that Hitler did not kill all Jews,” the masked slipped and she has worn her identity as a proud badge ever since.

Entry to this event is free. For full details, see the Galicja Museum site.


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