EXCLUSIVE: 4zł for a one-way tram ticket

The price of bus and tram travel in Kraków is set to rise yet again next year – with tickets to cost more than they do in Warsaw.

ZIKiT, the office responsible for public transport, wants passengers to pay 4zł (currently 3.20zł) for a standard one-way ticket, 3zł for a 15-minute ticket (now 2zł), and 5zł for a 60 minute ticket (which costs 4zł today). In the Polish capital, the cost of a single ticket is 3.60zł.

ZIKiT told the city council that the new prices would come into force on January 1, and would increase revenue by about 40 million złoty. Without increases, services might have to be cut, councillors heard.


2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: 4zł for a one-way tram ticket

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