New Kraków-Rome pact

The leaders of Kraków and Rome have today signed an agreement which will allow the two cities to co-operate more closely in the fields of culture, education and environmental issues.

Jacek Majchrowski, mayor of Kraków, and Giovanni Alemanno, mayor or Rome, sealed the deal which will also pave the way for more youth and pilgrim exchanges between the cities, in honour of the former pope John Paul II.

Mr Majchrowski said: “The contract we signed today with Rome is proof of our [cities’] excellent co-operation.”

Mr Alemanno added that Rome was lacking many of the modern museum facilities that Kraków boasted, such as the Underground Museum and the Schindler Factory.

The two cities have already worked closely together in the past. Kraków and Rome got together to host an exhibition marking the beatification of Pope John Paul II, while Rome hosted an evening dedicated to the work of Nobel Prize winning poet Wisława Szymborszka.


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