The kick boxing champ who became MP

Name: Iwona Guzowska

Born: Feb 7, 1974

Claim to fame: She’s a world kick boxing champion. And member of parliament representing her constituents in Gdańsk.

What’s her record: In kick boxing?  Nine wins (including two knock-outs). One defeat, no draws.

And in politics? Guzowska is a PO representative, who recently spoke out for the rights of women to choose whether or not they have an abortion. She doesn’t like the idea of men making rules for women… and frankly, we’re not about to argue with her.

Well, can we see her? Sure. Here’s the campaigning:

And the violence? Fill yer boots:


One thought on “The kick boxing champ who became MP

  1. But are you aware of Vitali Klitschko, aka Dr Ironfist, the Ukrainian boxer who is current WBC heavyweight champion and now making major strides in Ukrainian politics with his party ‘Punch.’ I’m not making any of this up. Ukraine – Poland on acid.

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