Puma on the prowl in Podhale?

Black as coal and as big as a sheepdog… that was the description that a terrified mushroom picker gave to police after coming face to face with what some believe to have been a puma in the Podhale mountain district.

The big cat was spotted by the man who was on an early morning mushroom picking trip in the forest at Czorsztyn, on October 21. The mayor’s office in the town is taking the report seriously – even going so far as to issue a warning to ‘exercise caution’.

The encounter with the beast was reported in Polish media as being brief. After trying to scare the big cat, the mushroom picker waited until the animal walked away – then ran into his house.

Puma are normally found in America, and could only have reached Poland via a zoo or private collection. If you’ve never seen one, take a look at this NatureTrek video… of a slightly less than ‘coal black’ beast:

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