English cars on Polish roads?

EU rules mean that cars from the UK could soon be registered legally in Poland.

Currently, the law states that right-hand drive vehicles – the norm in the UK and other countries which drive on the left – must be fully adapted before they can be officially registered here. However, the Ministry of Transport has drafted an amendment to the law, in answer to EU requirements that Poland meets European standards.

In practice, the change would mean that cheap gas-guzzlers from the UK could be imported to Poland, often much more cheaply than the cost of buying a Polish car. Drivers would only have to adjust mirrors and lights, rather than switching pedals and steering wheel too.

The amendment is currently with the Office of the Prime Minister. Polish car dealers and mechanics say that the move would be bad for business, and Warsaw had previously refused to change rules on safety grounds. However, failure to adapt to the latest call from the EU is likely to cost Poland millions of złoty in fines.


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