Kraków’s paid parking zones to be extended

Kraków’s paid parking zone is to be expanded from summer next year, with drivers having to pay to leave their cars in Podgórze and Grzegórzki from July 1, 2013.

The existing Zone 3 would be existed to cover Grzegórzki, while a new ‘Zone 4’ would be introduced to Podgórze. The scheme also includes plans for a ‘buffer’ zone, which would be split into five areas around Wrocławska, Kazimierza Wielkiego, Królewska, Czarnowiejska, Rejmonta, Focha and Kościuszki to the north and west, and the area broadly outlined by Grochowska, Grzegórzecka, Cystersów/Fabryczna and Powstania Warszawskiego in the north-east.

Parking in the four main zones would cost 3zł per hour, and 1.50zł in the buffer zone.

The city council has yet to approve the scheme, but is expected to do so, despite the reservations of some councillors, who fear it will spark conflict between residents of the new and extended paid parking zones, and those coming into the city. And the newspaper Gazeta Krakowska suggests that the revenue increase that the changes would generate – up some 3 million zł a year from 9m to 12m – could be gobbled up by the cost of installing new parking meters.

You can download a map of the proposed changes here.


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