Bankrupt airline owes 1.3m zł to Kraków airport

Bankrupt budget airline OLT Regional Express owes some 113 million złoty to contractors – including 1.3m zł to Kraków airport.

The airline, owned by collapsed parabank Amber Gold, racked up some 30m zł in unpaid airport fees around the country. The money was due for landing fees, passenger and aircraft handling, and maintenance.

Now we know that the OLT has not paid its contractors about 113 million zł. Among the creditors are Polish airports that do not get clearance fees for the adoption of passengers and aircraft. The amount of such arrears exceed 30 mln zł – ports not to praise, but it is known that the Gdańsk airport demands 4.5 million zł, and Krakow – 1.3 million zł.

Financial analysis of OLT accounts show that, when costs such as leasing aircraft, salaries, airport fees and more were taken into account, each ticket should have been sold for around 1,000zł. Instead, some 320,000 passengers bought flights at 99zł each – and those who did not use a card to pay may not get their money back.

Amber Gold collapsed in the summer of 2012, owing at least 50,000 clients 80 million złoty. The company’s chief executive, 29-year-old Marcin P, faces criminal charges relating to not filing the correct financial reports, falsifying documents, and breaching banking law. Authorities are still trying to trace the company’s assets.

More: Amber Gold – Where’s the money, Mr P?


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