New funeral for Polish Smoleńsk victim buried in wrong grave

The remains of Ryszard Kaczorowski, Poland’s last president in exile, are to be laid to rest in Warsaw this weekend, after it was discovered that his body was in the wrong grave.

Kaczorowski died along with serving president Lech Kaczyński and 94 others in the Smoleńsk plane crash of April 2010. His body was wrongly identified, and the remains of another Smoleńsk victim interred in his place.

Now Kaczorowski’s daughters Jagoda and Alicja have confirmed that their late father’s remains will be reburied, at Warsaw’s newly opened national pantheon, the Temple of Divine Providence.

Jagoda Kaczorowska said: “There, the journey of this Polish patriot will finally end.”

Alicja told reporters at a press conference that her father had initially been identified by Jacek Najder, currently the Polish Ambassador to NATO, who had never actually met him, but only seen him in photographs and film footage. Mr Najdar has since apologised.

The new funeral for Kaczorowski will be held on Saturday, November 3.


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