New look for Kraków museum

Kraków’s historic Apteka pod Orłem museum will be closed from Monday, November 5, while a new permanent exhibition is installed.

The museum, on the corner of Plac Bohaterów Getta, celebrates the work of the founder of the pharmacy that stood there during the second world war. Tadeusz Pankiewicz, though not Jewish, voluntarily lived in the Kraków ghetto, and, from his pharmacy, helped many Jews who were incarcerated there.

The new exhibition aims to increase public awareness of Pankiewicz and his work. It will include 19th and early 20th century furnishings and pharmacy equipment, encouraging visitors to explore not just the legacy of Pankiewicz, but also to learn about the operations of a wartime pharmacy in Kraków. There will be films, photographs and documents, showing everyday life in the Kraków ghetto.

The museum is set to reopen in March 2013, on the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Kraków ghetto. The new exhibition will cost some 1 million złoty, funded by Kraków Historical Museum.


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