EXCLUSIVE: rapist who attempted to kidnap child is jailed

A 27-year-old man has been jailed for the multiple rape of a 19-year-old woman and the attempted abduction of a nine-year-old girl.

The District Court in Kraków sentenced Marek M to nine years in prison for the offences, which took place in 2010. On April 16 that year, he raped the woman in Łazy, Śląsk (Silesia) three times. Then, on November 19, he attempted to kidnap the girl.

The nine-year-old was waiting for her grandmother outside her school in Filipowice, just west of Balice, but decided to walk home on her own. Marek M attacked her from behind, looping a towel around her neck and dragging her into his Ford Escort. The girl’s grandmother arrived and attempted to rescue the child, who forced open the door and escaped.

Marek M tried to escape in the car, but the wheels stuck and he was held by local residents until police arrived. In the car, officers discovered pornography, a knife, and women’s underwear. The earlier rapes came to light during the subsequent investigation.

Psychiatrists ruled that Marek M was sane, but that the attacks bore the hallmarks of a personality disorder.


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