Cost of tram and bus tickets to rise in Kraków – but less than expected?

Councillors in Kraków will fight plans to increase the cost of bus and tram tickets in the city to 4 złoty for a 30 minute journey.

Politicians from the Civic Platform party (PO) have presented their own price increases, which are lower than those requested by the Office of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport in Kraków (ZIKiT).

ZIKiT’s proposal would see the price of a 15 minute ticket set at 3zł from next year, and a 30 minute ticket would rise to 4zł. This would bring an extra 40 million złoty to the city coffers.

However, PO suggests introducing a 20 minute ticket, for 2.80zł, and a 40 minute ticket for 3.80zł. This would raise 30 million złoty.

A second PO option would keep the 15 minute ticket, at a cost of 2.60zł, and a 30 minute ticket would cost 3.60zł. This would be the least profitable option, bringing in 22 million złoty.

Overall, Kraków makes about 230 million zł a year in ticket revenue, but the cost of running the trams and buses is 380 million złoty.


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