Kaczyński’s Smoleńsk outburst ‘a threat to democracy’ – Brzeziński

A leading Polish political advisor who worked closely with the Jimmy Carter administration in the United States has warned that conspiracy theories about the Smoleńsk disaster are undermining democracy in Poland.

Speaking after opposition leader Jarosław Kaczyński went on the record to say that the April 2010 plane crash which killed his brother and former president Lech Kaczyński was ‘murder’, Zbigniew Brzeziński said such statements were ‘irresponsible nonsense’.

Mr Brzeziński told new channel TVN 24 that political statements concerning conspiracies relating to Smoleńsk had become ‘brutal and horrifying’.

He added: ““It actually looks as if there is an attempt to undermine the very foundations of and respect for the state, Poland and Polish democracy.”

Various commentators, including high-ranking politicians, have speculated publically that the Smoleńsk plane crash, which killed 96 prominent Polish military and political figures, had been caused deliberately by the Polish or Russian governments. Journalists at the newspaper Rzeczpospolita were sacked after reporting that investigators had found traces of explosives on the wreckage of the plane. And a diplomatic frost fell on relations between Poland and Russia earlier this autumn, when photographs of bodies at the crash site emerged on the internet. Both incidents were met with allegations of foul play by Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice party – allegations which Mr Brzeziński said must stop.

He told TVN: “This is something so repulsive and harmful that I hope that more responsible people in the opposition will take up a different approach.

“This is terribly vicious work done by a couple of people suffering from psychological difficulties – perhaps understandable from the human point of view – but this has no place in politics.”

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