Kto Ty Jesteś? You need to know the answer if you want to be Polish








For Polish children, this series of questions and answers has been in the past (and still is for some) a mantra as close to their hearts as the Hail Mary. If you came to Poland because you fell for this country and not a Polish guy or girl – now’s the time to learn it…

Kto ty jesteś? (Who are you?)
Polak mały. (A young Pole)

Jaki znak twój? (What is your sign?)
Orzeł biały (The white eagle)

Gdzie ty mieszkasz? (Where do you live?)
Między swemi (Amongst my people)

W jakim kraju? (In what country?)
W polskiej ziemi. (On Polish soil.)

Czem ta ziemia? (What is that soil?)
Mą Ojczyzną. (My motherland.)

Czem zdobyta? (How was it gained?)
Krwią i blizną. (Through blood and scars.)

Czy ją kochasz? (Do you love your motherland?)
Kocham szczerze. (I love her sincerely.)

A w co wierzysz? (And in what do you believe?)
W Polskę wierzę! (I believe in Poland!)

Coś ty dla niej? (What are you to her?)
Wdzięczne dziecię. (A grateful child.)

Coś jej winien? (What do you owe her?)
Oddać życie. (The sacrifice of my life.)


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