Teen died hand in hand with ‘killer’ after siege








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A suspected murderer and his 17-year-old lover died from gunshot wounds to the head at close range, in what is believed to have been a double suicide.

Andrzej B, 32, and Kamila M, 17 (pictured), were found lying on a bed side by side, hands clasped, when police entered their apartment in Sanok, south-east Poland.

Police attended the property at ulica Cegielniana 14, on the morning of January 10, with the intention of arresting Andrzej B. He was wanted in connection with the murder of 29-year-old Krystian L, who was found dead outside a church in Sanok on January 9, at around 7am, with two gunshot wounds to the back of his head.

However, at around noon on January 10, shots were fired from Andrzej B’s apartment, in the direction of police vehicles. Anti-terror cops and helicopter support from Warsaw were called in, schools and homes were evacuated, and a siege began which did not end until the early hours of January 11.

Police negotiators tried to persuade Andrzej B to surrender, and urged Kamila M – who was not connected with the murder case – to leave the apartment. When they finally went in, they found the couple dead.

Wiesława Basak, Deputy Prosecutor in Krosno, confirmed on Monday that Kamil and Andrzej had died from gunshot wounds. A gun, without a silencer, was found close to the couple, and spent rounds were discovered on their bed. The Deputy said that the police had no case to answer in relation to the deaths. They had entered the apartment almost immediately after the couple died, and did not use their own weapons. Officers did not report hearing gunshots before going in to the apartment. According to Deputy Basak, the couple died ‘minutes’ before the police entered.

An autopsy on Kamila’s body showed that she had been drinking and taking drugs before the tragedy. There were no signs that she had been held against her will, and Inside-Poland.com understands that she had been living with Andrzej B for about six months, with the consent of her parents.


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