The cream of Polish culture honoured at this year’s Paszport awards








The composer Krzysztof Penderecki and actor Marcin Dorociński (pictured above) were among the stars of Poland’s contemporary cultural firmament honoured by the national magazine Polityka, at this year’s Passport awards.

The awards are given to the best in the fields of art, music, film, writing, performance and cultural activity, each year, at a gala event in Warsaw.

Penderecki, along with his wife Elżbieta Penderecka, won the Creators of Culture award. The composer was honoured for his international prominence, while Elżbieta’s award was for her work in research and her efforts to make Polish classical music more mainstream.

Dorociński took the Film award for his outstanding performances in the movies Róża and Obława.

In the Visual Arts category, Julita Wójcik took the award for her project Rainbow, exploring tolerance in the European Union. Russian director Ivan Vyrypaev took the Theatre title in recognition of his work in Warsaw, while Szczepan Twardoch’s novel Morfina – exploring emasculation and national identity – won him the Literature prize.

TWOgether – the classical duo of Magdalena Bojanowicz and accordionist Maciej Frąckiewicz won the prize in their category, while pop act Tres.B took the award in their section.




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