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The Polish Air Force TU-154 crashed en route to a memorial ceremony at Katyń, on April 10, 2010. On board were the President, Lech Kaczyński, his wife Anna, and top-ranking political and military figures. The cause of the crash has still not been determined, but conspiracy theories aside, it is widely believed that pilot error or mechanical failure may have been behind the catastrophe.

Here is the archive of stories from blog. Please note that some entries are from our earlier blog pages:

NEW Smoleńsk: The victims

NEW Smoleńsk: Three years on

NEW Smoleńsk Memorial Row

US response to Smoleńsk crash petition

Kaczyński’s Smoleńsk outburst ‘a threat to democracy’ – Brzeziński

New funeral for Smoleńsk victim buried in wrong grave

Smoleńsk crash explosives claim ‘untrue’

Smoleńsk photo scandal ‘not a coincidence’ – Kaczyński’s daughter

University backs conspiracy?

New Smoleńsk scandal: body of former president exhumed

Smoleńsk memorial delay

Smoleńsk – conspiracy gone mad

Smoleńsk crash photos: ‘We never had the pictures’ – Miller

Smoleńsk air crash pictures: is blogger a spy?



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