Catholic and Orthodox spat over reburials








 The Catholic and Orthodox churches in Białystok are at loggerheads over what to do with remains unearthed from a former cemetery during construction work.

The cemetery at Wzgórze Marii Magdaleny was the site of Orthodox burials, beginning in the mid-19th century. However, it was previously a resting place for Catholics.

Officials from the Orthodox side in Białystok say that the bodies of Orthodox faithful, which were found during construction work at ulica Kalinowskiego, should be reburied at Wzgórze Marii Magdaleny. Catholic officials disagree, pointing out the land’s Catholic heritage and saying that the remains should be buried in the city’s municipal cemetery.

Until the dispute is settled, the remains will stay at the Orthodox Church of Św. Eufrozyna.

Białystok and the surrounding region has a rich Orthodox tradition, because of its location in Poland’s north-east and the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Picture: Cerkiew Marii Magdaleny, Dariusz Krajcarz




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