Notes of a Red Army Officer








Zapiski Oficera Armii Czerwonej – Teatr Dramatyczny

Sergiusz Piasecki’s satirical take on the mindset of a Red Army officer – in the figure of the novel’s protagonist Michaił Zubow – was a hit the moment it was published in London in 1957.

This production at Białystok’s Teatr Dramatyczny has not been going quite as long, having premiered in 1992. But it has nevertheless garnered praise from critical quarters, and there are opportunities to see it on February 5 and 6 (7pm).

The novel, and the play, take the form of a diary written by Zubow, between 1939 and 1945. In the diary, Zubow, a man brainwashed to the extent that he cannot think for himself, is alternately in thrall to Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Sikorski.

Aside from the satirical content, the play also offers an insight into the lives of Poles in Vilnius and Grodno during the war, and critics have recognised Piasecki’s talent not only in the story, but also in his imitation of the Russian language’s forms and structures.

Picture: Konrad Adam Mickiewicz


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