Win 2,000zł in literary competition


Do you fancy yourself as the ‘fourth bard’ of Poland? If so, there’s still time to enter a literary competition in Katowice, which offers prizes of up to 2,000zł.

The Śląski Shakespeare competition takes its name from the English language’s most famous figure. It is open to amateurs aged 16 and over, writing songs, poetry and theatre scripts in Polish.

And, while winning the competition might not immediately catapult you to the ranks of the Trzej Wieszcze, the title does come with a 2,000zł top prize in each category, with 1,000zł for those placing second and 500zł for third.

Applications can be made until February 5. Find more information here.

Pictured: Adam Mickiewicz, Zygmunt Krasiński and Juliusz Słowacki – Poland’s Three Bards (Trzej Wieszcze).



2 thoughts on “Win 2,000zł in literary competition

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