Exhibition: Artifacts and documents from the January uprising







Remembering the January Uprising – exhibition at National Museum in Kielce

An exhibition dedicated to a Polish uprising against Russia which, though suppressed, shaped the next generations, is on display at the National Museum in Kielce.

The January Uprising (powstanie styczniowe) began on January 22 1863, in protest against demands that Poles serve in the Russian Army. It caught the attention of the top flights of society in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and for Poles it soon came to represent national feeedom and identity – and continues to hold an important place in the minds of many today.

The uprising ended in 1864, when Russia’s military might paid off. As punishment, almost 400 people were executed and nearly 20,000 were exiled to Siberia.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the uprising, the National Museum is holding this exhibition, which will include a vast collection of documents, photographs, artifacts and more, many from private collections around the country.

The exhibition runs until June 16, at Pałacyk Henryka Sienkiewicza.

Picture: Polonia, by Jan Matejko. Prisoners of the failed uprising await exile to Siberia.

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