Stage II of Kielce city centre revamp underway







The second phase of the regeneration of Kielce’s historic old town is underway, with repair and renovation plans worth 5.6 million złoty.

Road surfaces will be renewed on ulica Wesoła, from ul. Seminaryska to ul. Sienkiewicza, and on ulica Czerwonego Krzyża, ul. Mickiewicza and ul. Leonarda. There will also be expanded and rebuilt parking bays, new bus bays, and pavements will be repaired.

Part of the programme will see an extensive tree replanting and replacing scheme, improved street lighting, and storm damage repairs.

The programme is being carried out as part of an ambitious Kielce city council project, part funded by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, is called Rewitalizacja Zabytkowego Śródmieścia Kielc. This phase is being carried out by local engineering firm Robót Drogowych, and should be finished by the end of November.



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