Flying visit from Poland’s first astronaut







Poland’s first and only astronaut met young students at Lublin’s children’s university, when he gave a lecture about his career in space.

General Mirosław Hermaszewski told an audience at Unikids about his preparations for his journey of a lifetime, and about his mission on board Soyuz 30 in 1978, and the eight days he spent on the Salyut 6 space station. His talk included many photographs of preparations for the trip.

General Hermaszeski was selected for the Unicosmos group in 1976. On returning to Earth he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and went on after the fall of the Soviet Union to become second in command of Poland’s air force. He is now retired.

Picture: Unikids


One thought on “Flying visit from Poland’s first astronaut

  1. If you have the time i would suggest jonniig an English speaking club where Polish people go to practice their English.My son did that in Hungary and met a few nice people who took him out clubbing and lunch.It is hard sometimes for foriengers to just strick up a conversation with the locals on the strret since most Europeans are private in public and only open up either in a classroom setting or if they know you through a friend.

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