Police arrest ‘Piękna Aneta’ web scam suspect – a man named Karol







Police have arrested a suspect and seized computer equipment following an investigation into the Piękna Aneta online scam.

The accused in the ‘Beautiful Aneta’ case is in fact a man, a 22-year-old named as Karol S, from Olsztyn. He was arrested outside an apartment in Warsaw’s Praga district on January 25.

Beautiful Aneta tricked at least 23 people with online sales, hacking into legitimate accounts and using the details to offer for sale goods that did not exist.

Karol S will now faces criminal charges relating to the scam.

In 2009 another ‘Piękna Aneta’ case came to court, after at least 40 men from around Poland were blackmailed after attempting to buy photographs online from a man posing as a woman. In that case, an 18-year old man was convicted of blackmail.

Picture: Warmińsko-Mazurskie police


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