Civil honours for golden and diamond anniversary couples







The city of Toruń has honoured 12 married couples on the occasion of their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries.

The couples received medals, certificates, flowers and gifts from the city, which were presented by mayor Michał Zaleski at a ceremony on February 1.

Mr Zaleski said to the couples: “I hope that today your memories of 50 or even 60 years ago, when you confessed your love and determination to be married for life, will come alive.

“Today, Toruń is looking towards you with the utmost respect. I wish you health and happiness in the coming years.”

Golden and diamond jubilee couples can apply to the city council for recognition of their commitment after 50 or 60 years of marriage. Warsaw must first approve the ceremony.

Those honoured in Toruń were:

Adela and Marian Chętkowscy

Krystyna and Roman Dombrowscy

Małgorzata and Andrzej Jarkowscy

Lucyna and Ryszard Kamińscy

Bożena and Henryk Podsiedlik

Teresa and  Edward Polaszek

Urszula and Henryk Przybylscy

Marianna and Stanisław Śliwa – 60 lat

Bernarda and Zbigniew Widlińscy

Alicja and Stanisław Wójcikowie

Janina and Edmund Ziętara

Bronisława and August Żurowscy


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