Exhibition: The shrines of Kaszubia







Kaszubian Shrines – Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku

If you have ever been to the Kaszubia region of Poland, you will surely have noticed – alongside the unique language and culture – a large number of roadside shrines.

These are the subject of an exhibition a the Gdańsk branch of the National Museum, which is showing a selection of photographs of the shrines, taken in the course of the past two years. The exhibition attempts to provide a context for the shrines – which, especially to visitors from the UK, can sometimes be confused with memorials for accident victims.

In fact, many of them are symbols of faith with their roots deep in Poland’s Catholic past, and they represent an expression of belief unlike any other in the nation. Their power lies in the raw emotion and often untrained skill that go into their creation, their beauty enhanced by their very crudeness.

The exhibition runs until May 12. To book, visit muzeum.narodowe.gda.pl

Picture: Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku

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