Girl ‘abandoned’ in baby box







A baby girl abandoned in a ‘baby box’ in Szczecin will be cared for by social workers until a court decides that she can be adopted.

The child, whose age has not been revealed, was left in the window of life (okno życia) run by nuns at ulica Królowj Krony Polskiej 28, on January 27. She was in good health and well-dressed and is currently at a hospital in the city.

The juvenile division of the district court in Szczecin will now attempt to determine the girl’s legal guardian, and issue her with a birth certificate. Only then will she be able to be put up for adoption.

The window of life is a secure drop-off point where babies can be left if their mothers cannot care for them, and is one of 50 across Poland. Since opening in 2009, the Szczecin window of life has received three babies. The other two have already been adopted.


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