Half-naked drunk found asleep in the snow







It’s winter, it’s Poland, the temperature is  several degrees below zero – it must be time to take off your trousers and sleep in the snow in the middle of the road.

That, presumably, was the thought process of a 33-year-old arrested in Hrubieszów on January 30, who was found at 10.30am, face down, buttocks up, and fast asleep, on one of the town’s main thoroughfares.

The man was lying in the middle of ulica Targowa. He had his trousers around his knees, but his underwear, though skimpy, still protected his modesty from prying eyes and freezing temperatures.

He was arrested and now faces a fine of up to 1,500zł. Police said they first took him to hospital, as he was ‘completely drunk’.

Picture: A half-naked man lying face down in the snow. In case you couldn’t imagine how this might look.


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