Lawyer conquers six of world’s highest mountains – and sets sights on Everest







A lawyer from Poznań has his sights set on conquering Mount Everest, after successfully climbing six of the highest mountains in the world.

Bartłomiej Wróblewski reached the summit of the Vinson Massif (4892 metres) in Antarctica on December 26, having already climbed Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Aconcagua, McKinley and Mount Kosciuszko. His first attempt at Everest saw him reach 7700 metres, but bad weather forced him to abandon his attempt.

Speaking of his latest adventure, Mr Wróblewski, 37, said: “Ascending the mountain is not difficult, what is more difficult is getting to the mountain itself, because it is very isolated. The cold is tremendous. At the first base camp it was  minus ten degrees, at the second, minus 20 degrees, and at the peak, minus 30 degrees. One can get used to cold temperatures. Wind is what gets to you most, and snow storms.”


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